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At the TKK d.o.o. group, we realize that anything is possible with a good team. We are aware that every individual is important. We create a stimulating and safe environment in which employees are motivated to achieve the set goals. We believe that the strength of a team lies in sincere relationships, good cooperation and mutual respect

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Our team consists of capable, innovative, flexible and motivated individuals. Together we create an environment that enables personal development to everyone. We promote the career growth of each of us and take into account the interests of each individual. 

We provide for the continuous training and education of the entire team as this is how we enrich our knowledge. We guide our operations towards meeting and exceeding the expectations of the users of our products and services and strive for the best user experience for them. We swear by the quality of our products and services, honest attitude, initiative and professionalism


For more information, you can contact us at zaposlitev@tkk–group.com, or call us at +386 5 384 1306 or +386 41 724 836.

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