Clean protect tk 40


TK 40

Multi-purpose spray for lubrication, protection, cleaning and care

High-quality universal spray for the lubrication of mechanisms, protection of metal surfaces from moisture and corrosion, cleaning of dirt and grease, removal of adhesive residues and rust particles and release of jammed mechanisms.

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TKK CLEAN PROTECT TK 40 is multi-purpose spray for lubrication, protection, cleaning, and care.

Watch the video and discover how quick and easy it is to lubricate with TKK CLEAN PROTECT TK 40!

What our customers say about us?

Testimonial Zenska
Testimonial Moski Dve
Testimonial Moski

I would definitely recommend choosing TKK products! My husband and I tested them when decorating the garden and renovating the bathroom. The products are excellent for gluing mirrors, sealing various materials, and protecting surfaces, and are suitable for both general and professional use. With the help of these products, my husband and I have become semi-professionals! :)


Personal use

TKK products offer a higher standard of satisfaction! For gluing my new mirror, I tried the TKK SEAL Mirror adhesive, which is extremely strong and reliable. Before using it, I performed an adhesion test and made sure that the adhesive bonds 100%!


Personal use

When installing new windows and doors, I tried the TKK PU FOAM TOP FOAM gun grade foam, which made the work even faster and more efficient. The foam allows for lower consumption and quick can replacement, and doesn’t harden during work interruptions, which is why the final result was even better than I expected.


Personal use

With TKK products, the work really goes like clockwork! When building my greenhouse, I used the TKK SEAL Classic silicone extra sealant to install the glass, as it has excellent adhesion to many building materials. I have to say that I am very satisfied with both the product and the final result.


Professional use

I’ve got to say that cleaning the house has never been this easy! I first used the TKK CLEAN PROTECT product line to clean the carpet, but now I also use TKK products for cleaning the kitchen and bathroom. These products are great because they don't leave any residue or marks, they thoroughly remove all stains, and they degrease well.


Personal use


Product details

Spray for lubrication, protection, cleaning and care.

The all-in-one spray displaces moisture thus offering excellent protection against rust and if rust has already formed it can effectively remove it. Lubricates and protects metal surfaces, hinges, wheels, bearings and other mechanisms.   


  • Lubricates and protects.
  • Protects against rust.
  • Displaces moisture.
  • Reduces moisture and is water-repellent.
  • Removes dirt and grease.
  • Shock spray: cooling and shrinking effect.
  • Does not contain silicones.
  • It is not aggressive to rubber, plastics or metal.
  • For indoor and outdoor use.
  • Extends the life of mechanical equipment.
  • Can be used at any angle - 360° use.


Aerosol can 400 ml



Technical data sheet

TK 40

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