Polyurethane adhesive for fixing thermal insulation panels to bitumen materials.


In recent years, classic materials such as mortar or cement adhesives, which we use in the construction industry as binders or adhesives, have been replaced by more modern and better materials. Polyurethane adhesive has replaced mortar or cement adhesive when fixing insulating materials and building partitions, as work with polyurethane adhesive is faster and has better mechanical and insulating properties than classic materials.

When using the TKK PU FIX INSULATION ADHESIVE polyurethane adhesive used to fix insulating materials in the construction of the facade, we avoid the formation of thermal bridges, which are a common problem in the construction industry and cause of heat loss, as well as other issues, such as corrosion, falling off of plaster, formation of mould. In addition, the polyurethane adhesive has excellent mechanical and insulating properties and good load-bearing capacity, which is the basis for the long life span of the facade.


We designed a one-component, low-expanding polyurethane adhesive, especially for fixing thermal insulation boards to substrates protected by bituminous materials. Bitumen has exceptional resistance to weather conditions, elasticity and water resistance. Unfortunately, these properties impair the adhesion of many classic adhesives.

Polyurethane adhesive TKK PU FIX BITUMEN ADHESIVE with improved adhesion adheres to Styrofoam, Styrodur and bituminous materials. It is ideal for fixing many surfaces, such as concrete and cold bituminous membranes.

We can also use TKK PU FIX BITUMEN ADHESIVE to fill all openings and grooves created during fixing. The boards should be backfilled with soil or suitable drainage material within 14 days of applying the adhesive. The adhesive is intended as an aid in fixing the boards and is not resistant to UV light.

Advantages of use

Advantages of using TKK PU FIX BITUMEN ADHESIVE compared to cement adhesive:

  • easy to use with a mounting gun,
  • great adhesion to various building materials,
  • lower material consumption; 12-16 m2 insulation panels are fixed with one dose,
  • cheaper works execution,
  • savings in transport and storage costs,
  • hardens quickly, is resistant to moisture and low temperatures,
  • enables rapid progress at work,
  • due to its composition, it is waterproof; water absorption is a maximum of 1%,
  • do not wet the bituminous base before applying the polyurethane adhesive TKK PU FIX BITUMEN ADHESIVE.
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