Unique colour communication for a better user experience

At TKK, we are always looking for ways to further improve the shopping experience and customer satisfaction. That's why, with the TKK rebrand, we have introduced an innovative solution that undoubtedly makes the buying process easier.

Unique colour communication for a better user experience

We have introduced unique colour coding on our product packaging, which provides an intuitive way for customers to navigate through our diverse range of products. We have followed our corporate slogan "Make it easier" in designing it. Colour coding on products is another step towards a friendly user experience that makes the process of choosing the right product easier and shorter. We believe that colours simplify choice.

After careful analysis and consideration, a unique colour communication has been developed in collaboration with experts to help you quickly identify the right product for glueing, sealing, repairing and mounting:

One-component polyurethane foams for filling, insulating, installation of windows and doors and installation of various fixtures.

tkk pu foam filling and installation foams

One-component, low-expanding polyurethane adhesives for glueing and fixing various building materials.

tkk pu fix polyurethane adhesives

Permanently elastic silicone sealants with excellent adhesion to most silicate materials.

tkk seal acetate silicones

High quality, permanently elastic silicone sealants with a wide range of adhesion to different surfaces.

tkk seal neutral silicones

Elastic sealants based on hybrid polymers for sealing joints in the construction industry subjected to various stresses.

tkk seal hybrid sealants

Water-based sealants for repairing and sealing joints between drywall elements, joinery and wall construction.

tkk seal acrylic sealants

A wide range of special sealants for different solutions.

tkk seal special sealants

We are delighted that we are already receiving positive reactions and compliments from the markets on the new, colourful look of our packaging and we promise to make your work with our products even easier.

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