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Innovative TKK technical sprays for effective lubrication, cleaning, and protection

Technical sprays have become indispensable tools in every household, garage, and demanding professional environments such as workshops, construction sites, installations, and logistics. We use them for regular maintenance, increased equipment efficiency, and extending the lifespan of machinery and devices.

In our range of TKK Clean Protect technical sprays, we present products that genuinely solve problems, facilitate home repairs, and contribute to prolonging the lifespan of the equipment. We have categorized technical sprays based on their functions into three groups: lubricating, cleaning, and protecting surfaces.

Innovative TKK technical sprays for effective lubrication, cleaning, and protection

Lubricating sprays

Materials operating in mechanical assemblies wear out and get damaged over time. To address these issues, we offer lubricating sprays that extend the lifespan of components, reduce wear, and prevent malfunctions.

High-Quality Spray for Lubrication, Protection, Cleaning, and Maintenance
TKK Clean Protect All in one spray

  • Suitable for lubricating hinges, wheels, bearings, and other mechanisms.
  • Protects metal surfaces from moisture and corrosion, cleans dirt and grease, and removes adhesive residues and rust particles.
  • Effectively protects against rust and extends the lifespan of mechanical equipment. 

Multipurpose Water-Repellent Protective Spray
TKK Clean Protect Multipurpose silicone spray

  • Excellent protection against friction, dirt, and moisture.
  • Creates a water-repellent layer and is useful as a separating agent in the processing of plastic, rubber, metals, etc.
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Universal White Grease for Protecting Mechanical Parts
TKK Clean Protect Universal white grease

  • Effectively prevents friction between loaded machine parts such as ball bearings, shafts, gears, conveyor belts, and rubber seals.
  • White grease is waterproof, protects against rust, and provides long-lasting lubrication.
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Cleaning sprays

Worn-out lubricants, oils, and dirt can be effectively removed with TKK Clean Protect cleaning sprays, preserving equipment in optimal condition. The right choice of cleaning spray will ensure that equipment and the working environment are cleaned and ready for further use.

Universal Cleaner and Degreaser for Every Household and General Use
TKK Clean Protect Universal cleaner

  • Cleans stains on carpets, oil, residues of self-adhesive labels, and adhesive residues.
  • Suitable for cleaning various surfaces, including vertical ones, from glass and tiles to the interior of a car. It easily cleans mirrors, laminate, PVC, kitchen equipment (upper part of the stove, hood), bathroom equipment (shower, toilet bowl), textiles, carpets, and even jewellery.
  • Removes hardened silicone.
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Spray for Loosening and Rust Removal
TKK Clean Protect Degrip spray

  • Effectively removes rust and accelerates the loosening process of screws, threads, joints, and all mechanical parts affected by rust.
  • Suitable for removing rust on various surfaces, such as screw connections, joints, hinges, and other mechanical components.
tkk cleaning sprays2

Compressed Air for Dry Cleaning
TKK Clean Protect Compressed air spray

  • Useful for cleaning inaccessible and sensitive surfaces, such as electronic and optical equipment, optical lenses, and measuring devices.
  • Contact-free dust removal.
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Surface protection sprays

Atmospheric influences and everyday use can damage exposed parts. With TKK Clean Protect surface protection sprays, you can keep surfaces in excellent condition.

Long-Lasting Matte Protective Coating Against Rust
TKK Clean Protect Zinc spray

  • Protective zinc coating with excellent adhesion.
  • Strenghtens chemically and forms a long-lasting metallic coating that protects against corrosion and atmospheric influences.

Spray for Electrical Contacts
TKK Clean Protect Contact cleaner spray

  • Cleans and deoxidizes electrical contacts surfaces and improvres the flow of electrical current.
  • Prevents the penetration of moisture that could cause disruptions in the current flow.
tkk surface protection sprays

Spray for Protection During Welding
TKK Clean Protect Welding spray

  • Protects welding tables, welding tools, and welded surfaces from splashing droplets during welding.
  • Does not affect the welding process and does not cause corrosion.

With our excellent and highly useful TKK Clean Protect technical sprays, you can clean, lubricate, and protect equipment, keeping it in optimal condition.

Clean, lubricate, protect! And everything will be as new.

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