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Creative ideas for DIY Christmas decorations

Everyone is happy to receive a holiday gift, especially if it is wrapped-up nicely. Nowadays, we all appreciate the effort a gift-giver puts into the present. The same is true for homemade Christmas decorations. Making them is a creative way to save money, especially if you can't find unique decorations to decorate your home with. Our tip: Get into the holiday spirit and organize a fun-filled day of Christmas crafting with family or friends! 

Creative ideas for DIY Christmas decorations

This merry December, let your imagination run wild and create something unique that will brighten up your home and warm the hearts of your loved ones. Simple Christmas decorations can be made from a various material (paper, cardboard, string, fabric, felt), including natural materials such as spruce twigs, pinecones and similar. You can also use holiday sweets: butter biscuits, gingerbread, cinnamon sticks. So gather your family, neighbours or friends and create your Christmas fairy tale together!

Tabletop Christmas tree

A Christmas tree that resembles a spruce tree in an idyllic forest? With a little effort, you can create one too! You will need a bunch of small spruce twigs, recycled cardboard, tiny LED lights and a hot glue gun. Make a cone out of cardboard and attach the spruce twigs to it with a hot glue gun. Finally, decorate the tree with the lights.

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Gift wrapping

Do your eyes light up when you receive an artistically wrapped package as a gift? So appealing that it's a shame to unwrap it? You can also surprise your loved ones with a neatly wrapped-up gift, an elegant token of appreciation. The internet is full of different ideas for unique gift wrapping. They may look complicated, but short video wrapping instructions guide you through the creation process. Try out the gift-wrapping technique like a pro! Fix the gift paper with a hot glue gun while wrapping the gift. Add a few decorative twigs and Christmas decorations to add a touch of magic to your present.

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Tip: The TKK FIX 51 hot glue gun is ideal for decoration and modelling. It is suitable for gluing wood, paper, cardboard, fabrics, metals, plastics, and other materials. It comes with as many as six adhesive cartridges. Ideal for many creative activities!

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