HydroBlocker Cemlastik: elastic waterproofing cement-based coating

Water ingress is one of the biggest risks to the durability of concrete structures and built environments. At TKK, we have developed a special product line to protect concrete from moisture - HydroBlocker

HydroBlocker Cemlastik: elastic waterproofing cement-based coating

HydroBlocker Cemlastik is our latest addition to the HydroBlocker line of water and moisture protection products for concrete. It is an elastic coating consisting of selected cement, sand, additives and polymer dispersion. In addition to its excellent technical properties, it is also easy to use, making it suitable for professionals as well as DIY-ers.

The coating has been thoroughly tested according to two standards: SIST EN 1504-2 and SIST EN 14891. These two standards set the quality criteria for coatings that prevent water penetration. However, most people find it difficult to understand these standards and often do not know which coating to choose.

The main difference between the standards is in the testing method. While the first standard tests the coating directly in water, the second assesses the coating once it has been installed and forms part of the system, together with the tiles and adhesives. Products complying with SIST EN 14891 are most suitable for use in bathrooms and swimming pools. Our HydroBlocker Cemlastik coating meets all the requirements of SIST EN 14891 and is highly elastic.

hydroblocker cemlastik

The standards test two important properties of the coating: water permeability (W) and water vapour permeability (SD). The lower these values are, the better the protection against water. In addition, we have tested the coating for water pressure and low temperatures to ensure the best possible product quality.

HydroBlocker Cemlastik maintains its elasticity even at low temperatures. It can bridge cracks and is suitable for protecting surfaces without dynamic loads.

With correct use and application, excellent results can be achieved. It is important to ensure a good quality basis and correct application when working with the HydroBlocker Cemlastik cement-based coating. Check our specifications to make sure HydroBlocker Cemlastik is the right coating for you.

Our HydroBlocker Cemlastik elastic coating is also the perfect solution for your swimming pool. It acts as a strong protective layer that prevents chemicals in the water from damaging the pool walls. This means your pool will stay clean and in good condition for a longer period of time. You can easily cover all parts of your pool with it; both the floor and the walls. It is important that you apply it correctly. Pay attention to the instructions to ensure best results.

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